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For his day to day creative endeavors on our behalf in the design and implementation of this website, The Mnemosyne Foundation wishes to give special recognition and thanks to our Webmaster, Brian Lake.

Special thanks are due as well to a number of other individuals for their part in initial design considerations, in the continuing demand of editorial and outside graphic matters, and in safeguarding and charting the course for the Foundation. I would personally like to acknowledge them with gratitude here:

Mary Dellin, graphic designer
Marguerite Zappa, editorial matters
Maria Pipolo Gonzalez, administrative assistant

the members of the Board of Directors of the The Mnemosyne Foundation
Charles Danziger, Esq.
Tonia Ceraolo Gustafson
Olivia Lam
Janet Slom
Marguerite Zappa

Gerard P. Zambetti, Ph.D., Associate Member, Department of Biochemistry at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Dr. Clifford E. Soll, Mass Spectrometry Facility Director, Hunter College, CUNY
Phyllis Grazine, artist and graphic designer
Sheila Zambetti, editorial matters

Very special recognition and thanks are due the preeminent law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, who have provided corporate and financial counsel pro bono to The The Mnemosyne Foundation and, in particular, to Sunita Subramanian, Esq., Julia Horsley, Esq., and Christopher Zammit, Esq., for the enthusiasm, grace and legal expertise they have offered both in the meticulous process of incorporation and in guiding initial organizational considerations that have helped shape the foundation to insure its viability for the future.

I would like to express, as well, resounding thanks to our erudite contributors for giving life to our aims.

Virginia Anne Bonito, Ph.D.
Director, The The Mnemosyne Foundation

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